Mia is a professional female artist from the Seychelles island. Together with the Relations band her unique style of music and videos has brought a fresh new touch to the music scenery in Seychelles. 

Mia discovered her passion for music at an early age where she joined the Plaisance secondary school band. Immediately after her school days she joined the Relations band where she has been the backing vocalist for local artists on stage as well as in the recording studio.  

In 2015 she released her first single "Naiv" where she started making a name for herself as a Solo artist. The following year she released her second single which is still a favorite amongst the locals especially after the release of the music video in 2018, which has often been described as the best music video in Seychelles. 

She is well known for music videos which has set the bar extremely high for other artists in the Seychelles.


In 2018 following the success of her two singles, she released her debut album alongside The Relations Band entitled "PREZAN". 

The following year in 2019 she received three award nominations for Takamaka Music Award and was awarded the most prestigious award for "Best Female Artist" of 2018.

In September 2019 she released her second album in collaboration with Travis, another artist under the Relations label.   

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